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Welcome to Education Websites Network - Creating Websites can be excellent for developing Creativity and Communication.
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Information Technology (IT): Because IT has become embedded into every aspect of our modern lifestyles, and even more importantly for learners, into every aspect of our professional lives, studying IT and developing our communication skills are now more important than ever.

The importance of communication skills is readily evidenced by glancing through the daily newspapers. Most job vacancies leading to positions with future career prospects require computer literacy and foreign language skills. This is even more important for Indonesian students currently because of the government's drive to increase foreign investment.

IT Class
Pair Learning

Creativity: IT and Communication Skills can enable us to enter into many professional and vocational areas, however these skills alone will not ensure good future prospects or personal development without the simultaneous development of our personal creativity.

Computers and websites, are good tools for expressing our creativity in the field of graphics and animation. Students can work on projects individually, in pairs, or in group activities. However, consistent with modern teaching practices (developing the individual), contextual learning (PAKEM in Indonesia) - Student-Centered-Active learning is the best strategy for developing creativity. Programmed learning (E-Learning) on the other hand tends to kill creativity because of its rigid structure (fixed 'correct responses' and outcomes) and lack of opportunity for creativity in the learning process (Behaviorism-Based). The human interaction process and receiving individual constructive feedback is an important component in our personal development, and these are not met through E-Learning programs.

Sharing and Communicating: The sharing of ideas and knowledge should not just be limited to the classroom. It is equally important in this "Global Community" that we share information with the broader communities, both within and beyond our native shores.

The more we participate in the process of exchanging information, the richer our learning experiences will be. For schools and campuses, establishing broad communication networks will enable them to share resources and developments within their school or institution. Sharing curriculum and concepts for school development are just two key benefits from broad communication networks.

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Our Servers

The Internet: Through the Internet we can participate in this sharing process at all levels (see: Wide Area Networks). Photo: Modern Internet Servers.

Today, with the wide range of services available even in remote communities, there is no excuse for not participating in the Global Learning Community. In even the smallest of communities Internet Cafe's (WarNet) are now springing up and access through dialup is available throughout Indonesia. By efficient use of these facilities (see: Internet & Education), we can bring these benefits to both our school and our learners. An example of sharing information can be found at: MBEProject.Net.

School and Institution Websites: One role of a website can be to enable basic information about your school or institution, and contact information to be found (Globally). Example: Raffles International School, a very simple but effective website. Websites can be used as a medium for engaging in much broader community activities including forums and discussion groups. The scope of the website will depend upon your particular vision for the site and your resources.

A key issue here is that it is no use having the best website in the world if nobody visits it. Therefore, being part of a community like Pendidikan Network assists with that vital link to your information.

Throughout our network of sites (EducationIndonesia.Net) we have endeavored to open up communications within the Indonesian education community. We believe that the Internet can provide significant benefits for developing schools and therefore we have created this new resource (EducationWebsites.Net) to assist with both collaboration and information sharing.

Schools or Campuses that do not currently have a website can create a basic website using our information and facilities.

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